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As part of the online members community area you can upload images of your work inspired by the tutorials to your members gallery, share it on our activity stream and make and receive valuable comments, help, advice and of course praise on your tutorial progress. When you upload your work, be sure your images are bright and clear so that we can really see all your hard work in the best light possible. To upload your work simply login to your account and click through to the Members Community pages, then follow the steps below:

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You can tag your images to add them to the tutorial page gallery for all to see while they are following the tutorial.

1. Click photos from the toolbar on the community page.

2. Find the image that you would like to tag and click to open.

3. Click edit in the top right corner.

4. In the tag section click and choose a tag from the list.

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Our courses and projects are perfect for you! We have projects suitable for all abilities, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a advanced level.

A new course will be added every two weeks along with additional special seasonal projects.

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Hot pressed paper, 140lb, 200lb or 300lb in white (100% cotton is best as it has the most resilience).

Currently I am using the 200lb (425gms) Saunders Waterford hot pressed, and Fabriano Artistico (2017 make). I am trialling using both sides, and am having some success with both, it’s important you try a few papers to find the one that suits you best. I also sell and use A5 and A4 Bockingford hot pressed paper, as it's good every day paper. Use scraps to test your colours.

Why not take a look now by clicking here.

The downloads for the drawings are a PDF file and can be made to your own size once you've downloaded it. 

The file comes saved as a large enough file for you to either print yourself in parts and make it as large as you want, or you can take the file to a local printer and they can print it for you at any size you like.

The tutorials are designed to teach you the technique and develop your skill and should make up a portfolio for your own records.

Copyright of the actual tutorial images remain with Billy Showell, therefore the tutorial paintings should not be exhibited, sold or reproduced as original work by the student; they can however be gifted to friends or family or sold in aid of charity and should be labelled in the title as taken from a Billy Showell tutorial. Similar subjects live or from photographs should be found and then you can use the techniques shown in the tutorial to create an original piece for exhibition sale or reproduction. Following theses guidelines should avoid any accusation of copy or breech of copyright by the gallery or art exhibition curator.

It is advised that painters always credit billyshowell.com when sharing any work derived from this site.

Enjoy your painting, I hope my work encourages you.

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Orange Poppy Shoe Part 3 - Preview

This week a little project on leaves and a chance to revisit the shoe or just have a practice page of leaves. We look at using light and shadow to create space and form and a little more interest and flourish to the design.

We have also added a short drawing tutorial to the beginner's section to help you see the shapes!

A nice little break from the pinks and a sweet thing to practice.
On your points and away we go.
Warm wishes, Billy

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