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Strelitzia Reginae, Bird of paradise is so named because the flowers have the appearance of long beak birds. They are wonderfully colourful, beautifully strange and make a fantastic study for us to paint. This week’s tutorial will cover the beautiful orange petals that emerge from the top of the pointed sepal.

Continuing with our found object composition, we are adding a study of a small dried rose bud. I love these little curiosities, they offer a little painting time without the pressure. It's great to keep a supply of objects in the drawer for the winter months, obviously I apologise if you are watching this in the midst of a heatwave!

This week we paint beautiful plum fruits, I don't profess to be the best at painting bloom but I use this technique with some success, keep perfecting the edges and don't lose the contrast between light and dark. This technique works for black grapes too.

This week we are adding a small rose bud and leaf to the beautiful pink rose study. Once you have mastered this you can add other buds and leaves to create a wonderful chintz inspired composition. Draw them out first onto tracing paper and make sure you are happy with the position before you paint them in.

Paint on tip toe with a happy heart.

Best Billy

It’s always great to add another dimension to a study of the fruit and the cross-section here is a great test of colour mixing. Retaining the light is important here and also allowing each little stage to dry but I hope you agree with me it makes a very nice little study next to the whole lemon.

You may never choose to paint a lemon but here I break it down into nice steps. Just take it slowly and hold back on the lemon wash until you feel the preparation is strong enough. We will tackle the cut lemon in a following tutorial so be brave stay mellow and face the yellow.

This is one of those subjects that we all love to have a go at. The deep colours and lovely shine is challenging but you will be surprised at how effective my technique is for this wonderful vegetable. Enjoy!

May you brush have wings, Billy x

We return this week to my Camellia page to paint the open flower. This pretty pale pink flower is so delicate and requires some careful mixing and no over working, remember if you feel like you are working too long on a petal you most probably are so remember to let things rest and dry.

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