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Hello lovely Pomegranate Painters! I hope you enjoyed the stages of the fruit as a whole study, here we have a slice to recreate and the detail is absorbing. I have put it into the Advanced section but as always, if you really want to paint a subject, enthusiasm and opportunity are all you need to have a go.

What I love about this project is the variety of colours and yet I have used some of our regular favourites to achieve them. The idea of 'planning' a painting or study used to scare me, but actually it's just about having a path through the layers required that you will understand and thinking of a way that will make the painting easier to do, I hope, in this project, I have shown you how.

Sunshine, good health and happy painting to you all!
Billy x

This week I have painted a complicated two colour Iris, I loved the twists of the fading flowers and the colour and detail of the falling petals. It is placed in the advanced section due to the time and complexity, but if you love Iris flowers you could give bits of it a try. My very first painting of a flower was a complicated Aquilegia, I loved it enough to try and trying is where the passion begins. The full flower study was completed over 3 days so bear that in mind when you set out to paint the whole project. If you are totally new to painting then practice the colours and draw up the main petal several times across the page and try the purple edge effect. Join us on the forum and share your progress.

Wishing you Sunshine and success!

Hi perfect painters, after much requesting I have finally tackled a Pomegranate! The tutorial is separated into two parts starting in beginners and then onto intermediate, take it at your own pace and hopefully you will enjoy watching the paint move into the water, that’s the best bit!

We use lots of lovely lush colours and really tackle the ‘disappearing edges of light’ (another lovely book title right there). I love showing you the process of painting, so I hope you enjoy learning with me.

Sunshine and birdsong to you all, Billy x

Hi lovely painters, one of the requests that come in from time to time is glass, so I have combined a glass tutorial with the beautiful drama of a deeply shadowed white anemone. In this project we look at subtle shadow lines and reflections, knowing what to put in and what to leave out and how to finish a study in a simple yet different way.

It's here in the advanced level but you can always jump in if this is what you have been waiting for.

Sunshine and warm wishes, Billy

This week we return to the Purple Hibiscus to complete the centre pistil and final petal, I am hoping this will help you complete the study and give you some good guidance on subtle stamen detail, and how to complete a study in an attractive way. Coming back to a painting can inspire you to look back at earlier work and see if you can improve on it, this could also inspire you to have another go at this gorgeous flower.

Hold onto your hats and let’s start painting this beautiful crazy flower. There is lots to do here and a couple of ways to achieve it, I would advise watching this through and choosing your preferred way to proceed. I have added my study to the large green tulip bud and another study I have been painting for fun. Why not combine a couple of tulip tutorials to create a great page?

Here we are painting a wonderful page of crazy purple petals and I’ve done this specifically for people who are still feeling very unsure of the wet in wet technique and need to practice. It’s a fabulous page to do and even if you have been working with me for some time I am confident you will enjoy this tutorial. Paint perfect pretty purple petals.

One of my favourite techniques is mixing watercolour and graphite to get the lovely deep soft grey / black tones of the grey scale. It’s useful for speeding up the tonal study but also really fun to do. I love orchids especially slipper orchids, the flowers offer longevity and a myriad of textures and patterns to explore.

I hope you give this tutorial a try as it will help with mixing grey, perfecting detail and registering depth of tone.

Warm wishes, Billy.

Hello painting people! This large and small study tutorial is aimed to please all; however, I have placed it in the Advanced section. I felt the level got higher as you move through the study but if the whole project seems daunting, please choose sections to just have a try. I have left some of the enlarged study for you to do alone, this is to test your skills going forward, you can use the information already shared to continue on to completion. I have completed the piece with further small blossom paintings to create a pattern, you could do similar, maybe if you have access to some apple blossom you could add some branches. I love painting blossom and I hope you will too.

Warm spring wishes Billy x

Hello all you lovers of watercolour, the winter pansy is the star of this week‘s tutorial. I have made a study page and even included some pressed flowers to give you some more ideas of how you can build your portfolio of practice pieces. This tutorial is suitable for all levels but in particular beginners as I have laid it out almost like a step-by-step layout. I have included in the download pack some lovely photographs of the pansies which brings me to an exciting idea!

Billy x

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