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Orange Papaver Poppy. Well this is exciting! This weeks project could be a stand alone study in painting orange or the first part of a shoe design. Those of you who know my work well will know I love to make shoe designs, so I have created a tutorial of a basic shoe shape. The first part is the heel, I really hope you enjoy the studies and the idea.

Happy painting!
Billy x

My favourite flower and another rose to use in a composition. What’s not to love in this flower? Light, texture, colour and form with spotted leaves to frame it. Here you can paint it petal by petal and enjoy some time out with your paint brush.

Happy painting!
Billy x

This is a nice project for summer and a really beautiful contrasting colour lettuce leaf. What I like about this is the very dark shadows and the very light bright greens it just makes it look really curly and fresh. This would make a great study for a leaf page but also quite a nice little study on its own. I hope you enjoy the colour mixing.

As always happy painting Billy x

On a lovely visit to Walter (my father-in-law), last summer we helped him dismantle an old rose arbour and Walter's Rose was the last rose on a very old shrub. It was crying out to be painted and even though the leaves have a little bit of black spot on them, I hope you’ll agree this is a charming study and one which you can add to your other rose studies, or paint on its own as a gift for a friend.

Happy painting!
Billy x

The beautiful peony is somewhat of a challenge to paint but capture it we must. This beauty grew happily in my garden which I sadly had to leave behind when I moved house. It grew well and the time of flowering that I loved the most was when the bloom was nearly done and the fragility of this stage is the hardest thing to capture without the aid of a photo for reference.

I have split this into two tutorials so that you can maybe practice the elements and think about positioning of the flower before getting stuck into the whole flower.


Best wishes and stay safe Billy x

This beautiful and delicate Bluebell flower, synonymous with the English countryside, pushes forth through dappled woodland light to create a delightful carpet of blue. It’s one of those flowering events that we look forward to every year. Close up, the flower is a combination of purples, lilacs and blues. In this tutorial, we cover drawing, colour mixing and add some coloured pencil (optional).

Happy Bluebell painting!

Hello lovely painting people. This week we will paint the cast shadow to the tulip arrangement, the shadow is softer in the photo reference so you can choose the shadows I saw or those in the photo. Adding shadow to your tulips is optional, if you are worried about making a mistake, just paint one of the tulips in a watercolour sketchbook and practice the shadow in there first.

Hi there, this weeks tutorial is the first of a two-part project, with spring in the air and flowers pushing forth, I chose these baby powder coloured tulips. The gentle colour palette for me is reminiscent of an Easter flower arrangement that my Nanna would place centre table. As children we often went to stay with her in Devon at this time of year, she had a 1950’s style kitchen in green and yellow, with oodles of cream coloured pottery each with a pink or lilac flower and a huge display of teapots in similar colours. It’s funny how simple colour combinations can evoke such sweet memories.

I hope this Daffodil tutorial will take you to your place of calm and show you how to work with yellow while not using shadow colours. It is tricky but sweet and you can repeat it as often as you wish. stay well and a virtual hug to you all.

This egg is the ultimate in understatement but the best simple shape to practice observation of subtle light and shade. It can be used in a composition, added to a mixed study page or simply painted on its own. The colour of the egg is created by a pigment called ‘oocyanin’ added by the hen during the process of laying. The colours take practice to perfect, so you could draw up many eggs across the page and repeat, repeat, you know that is the way to eggcellence!

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