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  • Pink Gladioli Party Shoe Part 2 - Preview

    This tutorial sees the concluding half of the Pink Gladioli Shoe project. Here I show you how I construct the heel and toe of the design and how to add shadow and detail to create shape and drama to the shoe. Featuring in this tutorial: - Tea wash shadows. - Fine curved veining. - Working on multiple areas. - Working up small very dark areas. - Amending areas as you design. You will need your finest brushes and your morning eyes to create the lovely details. Each part of this shoe shows you how to use your gathered skills to paint some structural magic. Off we go! Billy x

    Monday January 24

  • Pink Gladioli Party Shoe Part 1 - Preview

    In homage to my favourite colour and another shoe for you to paint if you wish, we are combining the Gladioli with leaves and seeds. Of course, you can rearrange the flowers to create single studies too. In the first part we look at the just the Gladioli and achieving confident pink washes and lifting light; we follow on with mastering the damp sweep and tea washes to build shadow and colour. We finish with a myriad of mark making to pull together the detail of the centre and variegation. This stunning flower will stretch your skills and bring all your knowledge gathered so far together to really create a three-dimensional looking flower. This is a lush favourite Billy flower to kick start 2022. I hope you will love it. Happy new year! Billy x

    Monday January 10

  • Bauble and Yew - Preview

    This project will stretch you at times but hang in there, as they say, your effort will be rewarded! This tutorial will improve your brush control, help you to observe different levels of light and highlight and be a fun picture too. I believe in you and you can do it. Keep your brushes high and away you go! Seasons joy from Billy and the Team.

    Monday December 27

  • Mistletoe Deer - Preview

    Season's greetings and good wishes to you all! This project combines a dear little winter deer made from china a tree decoration combined with a small sprig of Mistletoe. The trick is to make the china look smooth and glossy so be careful to allow good drying times and don't over sweep. This has been one of my most favourite things to paint in a long while and I really hope you will enjoy painting it as much as I have. Wild, wonderful, wintery wishes to you all, From Billy and The Team x

    Monday December 13

  • Orange Poppy Shoe Part 3 - Preview

    This week a little project on leaves and a chance to revisit the shoe or just have a practice page of leaves. We look at using light and shadow to create space and form and a little more interest and flourish to the design. We have also added a short drawing tutorial to the beginner's section to help you see the shapes! A nice little break from the pinks and a sweet thing to practice. On your points and away we go. Warm wishes, Billy

    Monday November 29

  • Daylily Rosie Returns - Preview

    Here we return to the lily page and add the peach daylily - Rosy Returns, towards the end of its flowering the flowers bloom lighter and this one compliments the other strong oranges on the sheet. Leaves are added to create a spray display, and I show you how you can add and amend the design with the aid of one leaf arranged in different positions. You can follow the stages and add a daylily of your own choice and play with the placements to create your own variation of the composition idea. Make a page of one flower or a spray of many, have a try and enjoy the process. Billy x

    Monday November 15

  • Peach Peony - Preview

    Here we are painting the Peach Peony, I take you carefully through the stages to give you a slowed down tutorial for this tricky colour. If you are still at the start of your painting, you can repeat sections of this tutorial to perfect the processes. If you are more confident you can follow this and move swiftly to part two; the open Peony to move forward with the study. Enjoy! Billy x

    Sunday October 31

  • Dahlia - Honka Surprise - Preview

    The wonderful thing about this variety of Dahlia; Honka Surprise, is that it offers some lovely simple processes and some straightforward techniques, all easily done as you make your way around the flower, combined with a nice little bit of centre detail. The unusual nature about this flower is a joy to behold. I think it’s something that would make a really pretty study on its own but also a super flower to combine with perhaps some of our other single flowers. I look forward to seeing who you put him with :) Billy x

    Monday October 18

  • Brown Speckled Egg & Feather - Preview

    This week's tutorial is a lovely natural history study of a dark brown speckled egg and a small lovely coloured chicken feather. I have placed this in the experienced section as the work is very fine and the dry brushing is very subtle and will take practice, but as always if you want to have a go nothing stands in your way. Happiness and painting perfection to you all. Billy x

    Monday October 04

  • Double Orange Daylily - Preview

    This double daylily is a perfect compliment to our existing lily page, here we deal with texture, light and colour vibrancy. Not all oranges are simple but they should not frighten you, here we take each petal, lay on brave tones then gradually build the heat with detail and tea washes. A lovely autumn coloured summer flower to brighten your day!

    Monday September 20

  • Wild Grass - Preview

    This week is a tutorial all about fine stems. A project worth doing to improve your brush skills. Make time to practice and have some spare paper handy. In painting this I hope to show you how to be freer with your drawing and paint fine stems with a little more confidence. Grass is a wild and willowy subject and a little time is needed to ascertain the structure, in this project I show you the process I use and how I try to capture the movement of the plant. Why not add some grasses to some other projects to create a wild bouquet.

    Monday September 06

  • Purple Anemone - The Underside - Preview

    Dear painting perfectionists, here is a shiny anemone to keep you busy. I love the underside of flowers and hope you do too. Here the skill is in jumping and saving the light on multiple petals. The flower has been painted 2.5x actual size to give you the opportunity to enjoy the plush colours and fabulous washes. There are mixes galore and I advise taking notes but once you get the wind beneath your wings you will be confident to mix colours as you go. I aim to return to this to make a composition but it could easily be a standalone piece for your portfolio or watercolour sketchbook. Jump in and give it a go. Sunshine and rainbows, Billy x

    Monday August 23

  • Silver Spoon & Clematis - Preview

    Dear perfect painters, this week we are painting a silver spoon and are using a different approach, starting with graphite and building up all the deeper tones and then finishing with a light watercolour bronzing glaze. This is a nice approach for similar objects but also something new to add to your sketchbooks. After painting the spoon we continued by adding a beautiful Clematis flower and leaf. In this project I start the demonstration of the flower and leaf with a short tutorial on drawing them from life. Individually these are nice short projects which can be attempted by all levels, these will be great to fit in and around busy life schedules. All can be done as single studies or altogether, why not play around and see what composition you can come up with. Hope and sunshine to all. Billy x

    Monday August 09

  • Lisianthus - Preview

    Greetings and sunshine to you all. Something for your sketch portfolio this week. Choosing the Lisianthus flower, we look at steady drawing and noticing shapes and angles, putting all the colour notes and information onto a study page. This sort of page is great for beginners and those practicing or gathering information for a proper study. It's also quite nice not to have the pressure of a full finished painting every time you find your creative moments. I am also introducing a new pink from Daniel Smith. Every now and then a colour comes along that makes your heart sing. I make no apologies for my colour choices, I feel we must celebrate the freedom to experiment with what colours work for us individually and it's of course it is entirely up to you if you want to add it, but this one is lovely. Happy playing! Billy

    Monday July 26

  • Pomegranate Slice - Preview

    Hello lovely Pomegranate Painters! I hope you enjoyed the stages of the fruit as a whole study, here we have a slice to recreate and the detail is absorbing. I have put it into the Advanced section but as always, if you really want to paint a subject, enthusiasm and opportunity are all you need to have a go. What I love about this project is the variety of colours and yet I have used some of our regular favourites to achieve them. The idea of 'planning' a painting or study used to scare me, but actually it's just about having a path through the layers required that you will understand and thinking of a way that will make the painting easier to do, I hope, in this project, I have shown you how. Sunshine, good health and happy painting to you all! Billy x

    Monday July 12

  • Purple and White Bearded Iris - Preview

    This week I have painted a complicated two colour Iris, I loved the twists of the fading flowers and the colour and detail of the falling petals. It is placed in the advanced section due to the time and complexity, but if you love Iris flowers you could give bits of it a try. My very first painting of a flower was a complicated Aquilegia, I loved it enough to try and trying is where the passion begins. The full flower study was completed over 3 days so bear that in mind when you set out to paint the whole project. If you are totally new to painting then practice the colours and draw up the main petal several times across the page and try the purple edge effect. Join us on the forum and share your progress. Wishing you Sunshine and success! Billy

    Monday June 28

  • Pomegranate - Preview

    Hi perfect painters, after much requesting I have finally tackled a Pomegranate! The tutorial is separated into two parts starting in beginners and then onto intermediate, take it at your own pace and hopefully you will enjoy watching the paint move into the water, that’s the best bit! We use lots of lovely lush colours and really tackle the ‘disappearing edges of light’ (another lovely book title right there). I love showing you the process of painting, so I hope you enjoy learning with me. Sunshine and birdsong to you all, Billy x

    Monday June 14

  • Anemone & Jar - Preview

    Hi lovely painters, one of the requests that come in from time to time is glass, so I have combined a glass tutorial with the beautiful drama of a deeply shadowed white anemone. In this project we look at subtle shadow lines and reflections, knowing what to put in and what to leave out and how to finish a study in a simple yet different way. It's here in the advanced level but you can always jump in if this is what you have been waiting for. Sunshine and warm wishes, Billy

    Monday May 31

  • Large Purple Hibiscus - Finishing the Painting - Preview

    This week we return to the Purple Hibiscus to complete the centre pistil and final petal, I am hoping this will help you complete the study and give you some good guidance on subtle stamen detail, and how to complete a study in an attractive way. Coming back to a painting can inspire you to look back at earlier work and see if you can improve on it, this could also inspire you to have another go at this gorgeous flower.

    Monday May 17

  • Crazy Purple Tulip - Preview

    Hold onto your hats and let’s start painting this beautiful crazy flower. There is lots to do here and a couple of ways to achieve it, I would advise watching this through and choosing your preferred way to proceed. I have added my study to the large green tulip bud and another study I have been painting for fun. Why not combine a couple of tulip tutorials to create a great page?

    Monday May 03

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